Nathaniel Magnuson

Nathaniel Magnuson is a traditional photographer who is searching for connection. A connection with landscapes, with materials, and with community. Using wood, stone, and metals; he has created a unique art that has gravity, yet becomes more. An architectural asthetic that is able to change our interaction with space. Look for his upcoming shows here. NathanielMagnuson.com

Silver Grain Art - 018.jpg

Wisp Of Grey

A place, in-between what is and what is to be; the shaft of light, a strand of hair, the moment between the dream and waking. You will find the Wisp of Grey only when you are not looking; when you are, and are becoming. This is merely a shadow of a feeling, but we hope you find reflection and love in the space that only ever is.

Silver Grain Art - 017.jpg

Signs of Snow

The long awaited moment is hear! The first snowflake has fallen from the sky… Snow is magical, changing the landscape into a wonderland. Signs of Snow is a small token of a time of year that can awake the inner child in all of us.