A Connection

The moment in view is fleeting. Nature gives us grace, gives us glimpses into her world. The light dances, the mountains stand firm, and we are moved. The harsh weather and the hard landscapes. The soft brilliance of spring, the rainbow piercing our being. The multifaceted grains give us a glimpse into our complexity, and our simple beauty.

In the Northwest, there is a connected with rivers, mountains, and all who call her home. The sunlight dances off the clouds, the clouds play off the sky, the mountains say hello, and watch over those who drink from their waters. This is the place that the sea and the mountains border a haven of fields and forests.

Art is all around us, connecting us to the sublime, to our inner reaches. Working together art transforms, becomes community, a voice; for this land, for the future, and for our inner child. We are more. We are magical. Silver Grain Art is a celebration of the elements that can inspire and bring us together.